Blue Painted Wall — Paint in Tumwater, WA

Painting the interior of your home is something that many homeowners put off simply because it requires so much work. Whether it is your desire to see a fresh, new look or your walls are starting to look dingy, hiring a professional painting service is the way to go. These professionals take all of the busy work and time out of giving your home's interior an upgrade. 

Even when hiring painters, however, most homeowners do have a few questions about painting and the process of having it professionally done. Here is a look at some of the most common questions about interior painting and the answers you will want to know. 

How Often Should Interior Walls Be Painted?

Most homeowners think no set timeframe exists for painting walls, but there are some guidelines to follow. All rooms sustain different levels of soiling and wear depending on their use, so all rooms have their own designated timeframe for when they should be painted. Here are a few examples:

  • Hallways. Every two to three years
  • Kitchen. Every three to four years
  • Bathrooms. Every three to four years
  • Bedrooms. Every two to three years or less 
  • Living Room and Dining Room. Every five to seven years

Of course, these are just general guidelines because the timeline depends on several variables. For example, a kid's bedroom usually has to be painted more often than an adult's. If you paint your walls with a quality paint, you will likely not have to paint as often because these surfaces are easier to clean and hold their finish longer. 

What Paint Colors Should You Choose for Each Room?

One of the most challenging parts of hiring professionals to paint your home is picking the paint colors. In many cases, homeowners will go with more neutral colors to coincide with interior design changes in the future. However, it is a lot of fun to add personality to a space by injecting a bit of color. Here are a few general rules to keep in mind when picking paint colors for different rooms:

  • Pick paint colors that go along with the mood of the room, such as tranquil calming colors in a bedroom. 
  • Consider how lighting, both artificial and natural, will affect certain color choices in the general setting. 
  • Think about how one color will interact with another color in adjacent rooms or spaces. 

You may want to have the professional painting company provide you with sample paint colors before you settle on a certain hue. In some cases, they will even paint a patch of color on a small wall so you can get an idea of how a color will work. 

How Should You Prepare for the Professional Painters?

Hiring professionals to paint your home takes most of the work out of the equation for you as the homeowner. However, you can do a few things to help everything go smoothly when the painters arrive.

Just before the painters arrive, go ahead and take items off your walls, pull anything breakable out of the space like glass knickknacks, and eliminate any clutter from a space so the painters have room to work. Remember, professional painters will usually bring with them ladders, tools, and scaffolding if necessary, so they will need room to use these tools. 

With a little guidance and help from a professional painting service, your interior painting project will leave you pleased and with a new home look you can fully admire. If you have further questions about painting your home, contact us at All Painting LLC for more helpful information or a free estimate.