Front View Of A House — Home Improvement in Tacoma, WA

When you sell your home, the first impression made as potential buyers arrive at your address can be the most important few seconds of the entire visit. If the house is a little older, you may need to increase your home’s curb appeal in order to get a good price and a quick sale. 

But, if your budget is tight and you can't give the home a complete makeover, you can still do a lot of good with a simple coat of fresh paint. Here are five places that adding new paint can really make a façade pop. 

Highlight the Front Door

The entryway of your home should be a focal point of the entire front yard. It's a great place to start giving the house a personality. Try using a bright color that stands out from your house paint. Or, you could choose a classic, deep color for a more traditional and serious look. 

If you want to add some fun, turn your entry door into a work of your own art to greet visitors. Even if you're not artistically inclined, purchase stencils at any art or hobby store, then transfer the design onto the door directly. This is a chance to play with your landscape design theme, the home's architecture or history, or even the local flavors in your neighborhood or town. 

Paint the Garage Door

How you present the garage door's color scheme depends on what strategy you want to take. While many garage doors automatically come in white or ivory, opting for a color that matches the exterior of the house can serve to make the home look larger by reducing the visual footprint of the garage. 

Another good option for garage doors is to use paint to simulate a more traditional door style. You can achieve the look of natural wood grain using a two-step paint color process. Apply a gold color as a first coat, then add a brown second layer that's loosely applied so as to mimic wood grain. Add some details like ornate hinges and handles if you want to create the appearance of a carriage style door. 

Create a Design on the Porch

You don't have to embark on an expensive remodel of your front porch to make it look modern and beautiful. One great way to inexpensively update concrete steps and porches is to paint the concrete directly.

To do this, clean and remove any stains on the concrete, then seal it properly. After that, you can apply a fun design, such as geometric shapes, swirls, or stripes. Or paint a straight, wide swath onto the center of the porch and down the stairs to mimic the look of a welcoming rug running outward from the door. 

Add an Accent Color

Introducing a second or third accent color to your house's exterior color palette makes the whole thing look updated without actually repainting that much. Accenting trim, such as windows, molding, railings, or shutters, with a fresh pop of color makes everything look like new. 

If you're not sure how to use an accent color with your current exterior palette, the painting pros at All Painting LLC are happy to help find just the right combination. 

Decorate With Bold Accessories

Accessorizing your façade is generally one of the least expensive ways to dress it up. Repaint the front porch furniture to jazz them up. Add colorful, artistic flower pots around the porch, mailbox, or walkways. Give door (and garage) hardware a fresh coat. Do you have shutters? Paint them a contrasting color or add a small mural to draw attention.

Armed with a paintbrush and some imagination, you can transform your home's first impression and stand out from a crowded real estate market. Follow these tips for a faster sale.